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By December 6, 2018 Portfolio
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Global Brand Video
We conceptualized, scripted and edited this video for Lee Hecht Harrison as their global brand video. We used stock footage, a strong narrative script and a great music track to capture the essence of the Lee Hecht Harrison brand.

Based on the success of the US version of this video different branches of LHH decided they wanted us to create an adaptation for their own country.

In total, we created 19 different regional versions. This included translating the script, re-recording the voice over, re-editing the video, translating and amending the on-screen text, selecting music that would be appropriate for that market and updating logos and contact details.

Lee Hecht Harrison
Lee Hecht Harrison is a global firm specializing in career transition & outplacement, leadership development, employee engagement & change management.

The Brief
Lee Hecht Harrison asked us to create their brand video as they liked our approach to visual storytelling. They requested a company vision video to feature on their ‘About Us’ page which would encompass LHH’s brand ethos, their values and to inspire people about the future of the brand.

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