Reach an audience of over 1.7 billion+ users with Facebook Video Advertising. We create laser-targeted Facebook Video Advertising campaigns to acquire your ideal customer.

Facebook has a powerful video advertising platform that you can leverage to increase awareness and boost sales for your business, product, or service.

What differentiates us from other social advertising agencies is that we provide a complete 360-degree service. From day one, we are focused on creating a video which will deliver on your video advertising goals.

Targeting Options

Facebook advertising provides the ability to hone in on audience members which are mostly likely to convert into buying customers. With Facebook advertising, some of the targeting options we offer include:

  • Location – target a specific area
  • Age – target an age demographic
  • Gender – target a specific gender
  • Interests – target a specific hobby, leisure activity, or area of interest
  • Categories – target a category as specific or broad as you like
  • Connections – target people who have ‘liked’ your page or posts
  • Custom audiences – target your existing customers
  • Lookalike audience: target new people who are likely to be interested in your business, because they’re similar to your existing customers

We understand what demographics we need to aim at in order to meet your goals. We can use this knowledge to create a video that speaks to those audiences.

Meeting Your Marketing Needs

We measure success by delivering a video that meets your exact requirements and achieves your business objectives. We achieve this through excellent communication, clear pre-production discussion, and experience.

We will address your marketing needs by working with you to create the best advertisement for your intended goals on Facebook. Each promotional piece we make is unique to the client, and we guarantee that you will receive a personalized, effective video ad that will perform specifically well on Facebook.

We can craft an entire video sales funnel from creating initial awareness to delivering specific product information.


Analytics plays a core role in our Facebook Advertising services. Because we act as both your Facebook video production and advertising partner we can take our learnings from your advertising campaigns and integrate these into your future Facebook videos. We use analytics to select the winners in your Facebook Video Advertise campaigns and deliver more content that we know works with your target audience

Drop us a message today to see how we can help you achieve your advertising goals through Facebook Video Ads.