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BestManProject CALM Best Man Interviews

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blue media studio Video has partnered with the Campaign Against Living Miserably, or CALM, to battle male suicide in the United Kingdom through the #BestManProject.

The #BestManProject was born through The Drum’s Do-It Day 2017. We collaborated with CALM to develop the concept of the movement, and have now filmed and edited nearly a dozen videos for the campaign.

The #BestManProject revolutionises the idea that you don’t have to wait for a wedding to be a best man to your friend. These videos explore the awkward, masculine tension that comes about when two best friends are coaxed to open up to each other.

Thus far, we have interviewed numerous amazing men, including His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William; former professional footballer Rio Ferdinand, radio personality Roman Kemp, musician Loyle Carner, comedian Humza Arshad, and reporter Carl Anka.

Our campaign has been picked up by Vice and distributed by Noisy to millions of viewers.

Ben Hawley from CALM gave this testimonial about what it was like to work with blue media studio to develop the concept into an engaging video series.